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Comprehensive Advisory for Companies and High Net Worth Individuals since 1978​

Founded by Joan Casas Obón, our firm has a rich history of 45 years in business consulting. Today, we are under the leadership of a dynamic and highly skilled team.

A renewed collective offering cutting-edge solutions, maintaining the excellence that has been our hallmark for over four decades, through a customer-centric approach.

How do we work?

The intersection of technology and consultancy to take your business to new horizons

At GCO, we combine personalized attention with the most advanced technology to offer efficient and secure solutions.

Discover how our tools like ‘GCO CONTA’ and ‘GCO ARCHIVA’ can help you.

Drive growth and resilience for our clients through comprehensive and personalized advice. We are dedicated to understanding and transforming every business with strategic and avant-garde solutions in tax, labor, commercial, and financial areas.

To be the leading international advisory firm, recognized for our adaptability and multidisciplinary approach. Our goal is to be the strategic partner of choice for companies and assets, offering global and effective solutions.

At GCO, we prioritize honesty, integrity, and teamwork. We are governed by transparency, mutual trust, and excellence, committed to innovation and social responsibility, bringing together our diverse talent to overcome challenges and achieve excellence.


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